IIS/Sharepoint Won’t Start – Skype is the culprit

Strange strange behavior. I was building some Proof of concepts For Oracle EBS + SIlverlight + Sharepoint 2010 on one of my VM images. I was on my laptop, when my battery died after coming back from a conf call, and my host shut down, which natually happened to shut down my image as well. After a restart, the default Sharepoint site on port 80 would not start up.

I went into IIS Manager and saw that the Sharepoint Web Site was not started, thus I tried to start it and received the error “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”.

Thus I googled and found this:

So First thing I did was to do a netstat -anob command as the article says, and lo and behold Skype32* had a tcp process running:

I had never seen this before, so naturally I killed the process, un-installed skype, restarted IIS and Sharepoint default web site and problem disappeared. Then I re-installed skype.

UPDATE: actually all I had to do was uncheck the option to not use port 80 and 443 as an alternative to listening.
In skype you go: Tools->Options->Advanced->Connection-> Uncheck the port 80/443 option.

That’s the deal, and this is how you fix it if you ever run into this just remove the option to have skype listen on port 80 and 443.


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