BizTalk Data Services (RFID)

Greetings all,

It’s that time again where we at Tellago put out updates, code, utilities and you name it dealing with BizTalk. Last week a colleague of mine: Suresh, added to our already awesome framework: BizTalk Data Services. Suresh added the ability to query, and update RFID services and devices using a RESTful architecture in BizTalk Data Services.

When you get a chance download it and check it out!!!

Tellago Studios announces SO-Aware Test Work Bench – Download Today!!!


We’ve done it again. Tellago Studios has released another software product to compliment our flagship product SO-Aware. If you’re a developer, tester, architect, QA analyst, IT Admin, or just a Service Oriented hobbyist, you will be delighted to find out about our new performance, load testing product called SO-Aware Test Workbench. Open up a browser and navigate to to find out more information.

Now there’s a *Real* Performance and Load Testing tool for your services!

We also have another EndPoint TV session on this. You can watch it here or navigate to this url: