Tellago Announces Technology Updates Webinar

If you’re intimately involved with computers, and you probably are because you’re reading this… you probably think you know your stuff!!!

After all you’ve been working with various systems for X amount of years and you have probably been burned to the cross, as well as been  raised up to the status of  “god-ship” in your career. The problem is, everytime you look around your shoulder there’s a new technology on the uprising which you haven’t heard about, nor know anything about. Then after a quick blog article, or magazine read, you say to yourself… “Oh that’s just this old technology revamped… I get it!!!”

We at Tellago would like to introduce to you a “virtual video blog” or virtual video magazine…! We  have many developers with a wide variety of skills sets on many platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, you name it. We want to share these technology updates with you through webinars where you can stay up to date on the latest technology buzzes dealing with the 3 most popular platforms.

These webinar series will be a version of what we are doing with the Technology Meetups and Dojos but this time targeting customers, IT executives, etc. Our first two webinars are going to focus on NOSQL databases and Mobile applications. You can find the Technology Updates series at

Read more about it here .

We hope to see you and hear your opinion on this . Thanks

SharePoint–TFS–BizTalk 2010 tidbits…

I’m currently working a SharePoint 2010 Integration Project which includes custom Workflows, custom web parts, BCS, WCF Services, REST Services, and BizTalk Server 2010 LOB Adapters…. You should of known BizTalk was in there somewhere Smile I’ll be posting some articles about my experiences here. So I’ll start with the first strange occurrence of external access to our Internal Site, it didn’t work!!!


We have multiple environments: Dev Silo, Dev Network, Testing, QA, Staging, TFS Source Control, TFS Build Server and Production. We mostly setup all the environments, for both the customer, and due to some policy and scheduling, we also have an internal environment of servers at Tellago.

Today we succesfully demo’d our first sprint deliverables and we ran into a small problem. The Client, at the client site could not connect to our internet facing web site. Yet I could. The Client received a authentication dialog as if they were hitting the server, however when logging in, the site displayed “Page Could Not Be Found”. So I tried to log in on my laptop, and no problem. When logging into the server on another computer, same error: “Page can not be found.”

I started to think about this a little bit. Our servers are VMware images setup inside a Active Directory domain. After a little thinking I realized I had set up a host file inside the \%system32%\driver\etc. While I had the host file I easily connected to the server. yet others could not access it. It had nothing to do with permissions, it was all to do with IP Addresses, DNS entries and resolving the server name and access.

Thus I remember this back during the SharePoint 2003 days and remembered a little thing called “Alternate Access mappings”.

Taken from

“Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) is a feature of SharePoint that allows a website to function correctly under different URL scenarios, including, reverse proxies and load balancing. [If you’re interested, in learning more, there is this video, ] where Hilton Giesenow, host of SharePoint podcasts, demonstrates how to configure and make use of the this feature under different scenarios, including extending an existing site collection.

Check it out!!!

In anycase this is all I needed to do was add an Alternate Access Mapping of the exact IP address for the extranet, and my client could access the site and start using our developed components.