Is Rain in our forecast, because of heavy cloud computing?

For those not up on the latest and greatest. Cloud computing seems to be the buzz word in the industry. Cloud computing refers to Computers, devices, servers, clients, applications, solutions and anything you can think of in this modern time running in the clouds. Pretty soon it will be running on systems in Quadrants and start clusters, but that’s another story for another era, even though we’re supposed to be in the age of Aquarius or the age of Aires depending on if you’re astrologist or sun solstice subscriber. This age some say deals with fire, electricity, motion, energy, which can easily relate to computers, lasers, and technology .

But I digress, Cloud computing deals with the idea that applications and systems will run on computers on the “Internet” hosted by Major Companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. This new network of computers is termed “The Cloud”.  One of the going thoughts is there will no longer be a need for Personal Computers at home (the Home PC), as new computers henceforth known as “Devices” will run with less powerful components, but still maintain the speed and functionality of PC. The idea stems from the fact that almost everyone has a mobile device with them, and no longer is that device constrained to remain at home. It can go everywhere with you. Kind of like the American express slogan “Never leave home without it”.

Most of the major computer manufacturers and software developers are building “devices” and software that will run  run “in the cloud”. For example, Microsoft  just announced it’s release of Microsoft Thin PC.




A very scaled down version of Windows 7 designed to run on the new “Netbooks”, and other less powerful computers. This OS kind of rivals Google’s Chrome OS,


which in a sense better rivals JoliCloud, and it’s JoliOS 



and as a far stretch the likes of MeeGo


and Ubuntu’s NBE (which has been merged into Ubuntu 11.04).

The applications, that can run in the cloud are too numerous to list, however I’ll mention a few, because you’ve probably been using these already without knowing they are running on cloud based infrastructure:

  • Google Docs, and anything Google Related. I call these guys the Cloud trackers!!!
  • Amazon EC2
  • Office 365
  • DropBox
  • OpenGoo
  • MSN Live
  • Skype

These are just some of the software applications that are running in the “Cloud”.

So now, I ask the question are we relying too much on “The Cloud” Will the cloud get too heavy and eventually start raining on us bits and bytes, and cluster storms, and hit us with bytening!? Will we get so out of sync that the Maxtrix will be here sooner than we think. Can you imagine the Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, or Oracle becoming the “Agent Smith’s” of the world telling us what we can and can’t have “in the Cloud”. Controlling our very devices to the point where it wakes us up to tell us we have a meeting or our device will be rendered obsolete? Just a thought… Up Next a comprehensive comparison of the Cloud OS’s


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