Quite a Few Microsoft Announcements….

First Off, I want to just give just a quick few updates to what I’ve been working on.

I have embarked on a new opportunity dealing with Kinect, and RaspberryPi. I have also been doing some Secure Coding/Certified Ethical hacker/Web Pen testing type stuff as well recently. So stay tuned for some posts on all these things mentioned above.

Now to the announcements. Microsoft has made some splash in the news over the past few weeks dealing with Windows Azure, and Office 365. In my oppinion Microsoft is really taking the competition to the likes of Amazon Cloud offerings, and Google Docs cloud offerings. In the Office 365 space, Microsoft is making it extremely easy connect work on Office products in the cloud, build custom applications and reports, and deploy them with a click of a button. You can read more about the fancy tips and tricks here:

Office Next Blog

TechNet Office Tech Center

Office 365 Preview Blog

As far as Windows Azure, Microsoft is making it easy build, develop, architect, implement, and deploy all other types of Cloud solutions. So on one hand, you have Office Product Solutions with Office 365, then everything that is not covered under Office can be done through Windows Azure. Windows Azure offers the ability to create Web Sites with the click of a button, or type in a Node.js command from your Gentoo Laptop (As I’ve done), to monitor, stop, provision and manage web sites. Azure also supports BLOBS, Virtual Machines, Identity Management, Service Bus, and more. Just navigate to

Or check out Scott Guthrie’s video showing a good 1+ hour demo of some if Azure’s capabilities:

Stay tuned for more updates.