Azure + Node.js on Linux (Gentoo flavored)

Steps for getting Azure Node Module through source code.

If you’re curious about how to use Node.js with Windows Azure on Linux, there’s some good documentation on the web site here:

Clicking on the Linux Download, gives you with Azure Source code, where you can compile, and install the NPM module for Azure for Node.js

The steps for the most part are simple:
1. Install Node.js from
You can emerge it if you’re running Gentoo
or use any package manager for you flavor of Linux

2. Install Azure for Node.js
Compile, and then install from the source code downloaded earlier.

As I made my way through these steps, I was presented with a small issue. Azure for Node.js requires Node.js version greater than 0.6.15.

The error I kept getting was:
‘Node version needs to be higher than 0.6.15’

Originally I had an older version of Node.js installed, and uninstalling it, and re-installing the new version didn’t seem to fix the issue. I also refreshed my environment vars, with env-update command, and created a symbolic link to node version 0.8.3 from the downloaded source tarball. All to no avail. It still didn’t work for me.

So I put my developer cap on and decided to look at the “configure” script that you run when getting prepare to run “make” to compile the Azure source code tarball. Low and behold it’s a python script that’s checking for the version of Node.js, and it appears to be incorrect, or at least the values are not correct. Thus I just commented the check out with a ‘#’ mark, and re-ran the command:
sudo ./configure

Next I ran the command:
sudo make

sudo make install

And now I can run Azure commands to monitor, and provision all things with Azure from my Gentoo Linux Laptop…


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