Getting the Kinect (not K4W) To Work on Windows 8 RC with OpenSource drivers

…Step by step….

How to get LibFreeNect and OpenKinect working on Windows 8 RC

– first install Visual Studio .Net 2011 – Express C++ should be fine.
– Next install .Net framework 2.0 – 3.5 from here

– Next install Git Extensions from here:

– Once git extensions are installed, run the following commands inside a Git Bash Shell prompt:

$ git clone git:// //downloads the project, creates local master
$ cd libfreenect //cd to source directory
$ git branch –track unstable origin/unstable //creates a local unstable branch for remote unstable
$ git checkout master //check out the master or unstable branch
$ or
$ git checkout unstable
$ git pull

– Next download libusb-win32 from here:
– Extract this file into a folder of your choice

– Next download pthreads from here:
– Extract this file into a folder of your choice, make sure its different from the libusb files previously

– Next download OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) from here:
– Extract the file into another folder of your choice

– Follow the Driver Installation instructions from the web site on Windows 7: step-by-step walkthrough found here:

– Download CMake for windows from here:
– Extract and files and then run: cmake-gui.exe

– Set the Source Code path to the location of where you git cloned libfreenect
– Create a directory for building the VS.Net solution project for libfreenect. The CMake tool creates a VS.NET solution with all the projects for libfreenect, glut, libusb and pthreads.
– Select the Grouped and Advanced checkmarks and then click on the configure button.
– Select the Visual Studio 11 generator
– Expand the BUILD Entry and only check mark: BUILD_C_SYNC and BUILD_EXAMPLES

– Add one new path entry: GLUT_INCLUDE_DIR set the include directory to the Visual Studio VC include directory, by default it’s c:\program files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0/VC/include
– Add one new filepath entry: GLUT_glut_LIBRARY set its value to the glut32.lib from the GLUT Extracted files

– Set the LIBUSB values: LIBUSB_1_INCLUDE_DIR to the include directory of the libusb extracted files
– Set the LIBUSB_1_LIBRARY to the libusb.lib path from the libusb extracted files

– Set the threads values: THREADS_PTHREADS_INCLUDE_DIR to the include directory of the extracted pthread include files
– set the THREADS_PTHREADS_WIN32_LIBRARY to the pthreadVC2.lib file from the extracted pthread files

– Click the Generate button- VS.Net solution files will be created.
– Open the VS Solution from the “Where to build Binaries” folder you selected earlier.

– Inside the GLUT extracted files, create a directory named GL
– Copy the glut.h header file into the GL directory

– Inside VS.NET, for the projects: Regview, glpclview glview, hiview, inside the project properties, add an include directory path to the GLUT header file.

– Rebuild the solution.

– Copy the glut32.dll and pthreadVC2.dll into the Build output folder.

– Run glview.exe and if everything works… SUCCESS!!!

… NEXT UP, how to get the Kinect 4 Windows working… now this is a challenge!!!