Kinect Heart Rate Detector

Kinect Heart Rate Detector

As my brother so nicely puts it… ” The first Goins Collaboration…” presents to you the Kinect Heart Rate Detector sample application. In the next few coming days I will blog in detail how this application works and provide you with insight on how to make the Kinect v2 device measure your heart rate. For now just view the video here: and get the sample application from the link here:

Happy Kinecting!!!

23 thoughts on “Kinect Heart Rate Detector

  1. Hi, I’m looking forward to hear about how the heart rate monitoring works. I was wondering if the source code is available?


  2. Hi, I am a Kinect developper from China. I am designing a application based on Kinect for Windows V2, and heart rate detector is an important part of my application. From your blog, I find you have already achieved such function, Could you give a copy of sourcecode? my e-mail address is Thanks a lot!


  3. Hey Dngoins, we do know that Xbox One Kinect v2 sensor supports heart beat and muscle man tracking, I am just trying to ensure, if Kinect v2 sensor for windows also provides both features in later SDK which is not currently available on 2.0 (Public Preview) SDK.


    1. The K4W Team has not made any plans or official announcements regarding releasing the Heart Rate and Muscle man samples or framework. I created a library for obtaining the Heart Rate, another colleague of mine has attempted the Muscle force example. I plan to release mine very soon. While I’m not sure about the muscle force example.



  4. Hello Dngoins, your project demo on youtube is amazing!
    I wanna try and run the “Kinect Heart Rate Detector v0.3”, but it stoped with a runtime error…
    I have VisualStudio2013, kinect sensor v2 and using windows 8.1,
    am I missing any other software/hardware needed??
    Thank you very much.


    1. Hi adam.

      There’s a major update coming within the next few weeks. .. the version you have was built with alpha software for kinect sdk.


      1. Hi Dwight,
        I am running into the same problem – the app crashing on start. I’m interested in trying out the updated app when it comes out. Any idea when you’ll be releasing it? If you need help beta-testing, let me know.
        Thank you,


  5. Hi Dngoins,
    Could you please provide a source code, or whatever way to access heart rate and muscle mapping information.

    I have an installation to do in few weeks and I really need to access these streams from the Kinect.

    At Least if you can guide on how to do it my self, that would be great.

    thanks in advance.


  6. Hi Dngoins,
    Looks very interesting and promising,Great work. Any progress on the source sharing?
    Thank you!


  7. Hi,

    I work in academia at the University of Southampton, UK and we are very interested in passive heart rate inference, would it be possible to get some source code for the HR detection algorithm to test with our other systems, and if so, you would of course be credited in every use of the algorithm.



  8. hello Dngonis,

    Thank you for the source code at CodePlex. I am running Windows 10 Kinect v2 sensor, Visual studio 12. When I try and build the program after installing R. It gives me an error. RDotNet, RDotNet.Native and DynamicInterop file references are missing. I checked my installation of .net as well but I am unable to find these references. Could you help me out? Am I missing something ?

    Thanks in advance.
    (just learning .net and foraying into Kinect sensor coding- apologize if this is too simple of a question.)



  9. Hi Dngonis,

    When attempting to run the source code, the app will pick up a face, I can start the 30 sec detection timer, but at the end of the 30 seconds, the program seems to be stuck in a loop when actually calculating the heart rate. Any recommendation to solving this problem?


    Tristan V


      1. Yes I am using that implementation with R installed.

        It will start the timer for calculation, stop at the end but will not calculate the heart rate from that given time frame


      2. Then it’s probably your csv file which gathers your samples and features are not being recorded properly. Check your folder to make sure the csv file is properly being created and that is has data inside it. This file is used with the JADE algorithm to process the results.


  10. Hi dngoins,
    I’m trying to compile your source code from github (the Jade/R implementation) in visual studio community 2015 with .nt SDK 4.5.2 or 4.6 and It keeps me given an error on line 81-82 REngine.GetInstance().

    How I solve this?



    1. I am not sure if this is too late, but you should install R first in your machine. He included the link on the README


  11. Hi Dngoins,
    When I run the code, it only opens up the window. The timer does not run and nothing gets calculated.
    My system is windows 8.1 64 bit. I use visual studio 2013 premium and R 3.2.5. Are there any special configurations to do? Or do you have any idea what might be wrong?
    Thank you.


  12. Hi Dngoins,

    When I run your code, only the window opens. The timer does not start and nothing gets calculated. The kinect sensor opens and I can see what the kinect camera is pointed at. But this is all.
    I use visual studio 2013 on windows 8.1 64 bit machine with Kinect v2. R installed is R 3.2.5.
    Are there any configuration steps to do? Or can you tell me what I might have missed here?


  13. Hi Dgoins,

    When I run this source code, Kinect sensor opens and the window opens (I can get the input from kinect) but the timer does not start and nothing gets calculated.
    I am using Kinect v2 with windows 8.1 64 bit machine. I use visual studio 2013 ultimate and R3.2.5.
    Are there any configuration steps to do? Or am I missing something here?
    Thanks a lot.


  14. Hi Dgoings,
    I have used your app (exe sample). My heart rate is 42-49 but I have read that its too low for 25 y.o person, so the reason is the accuracy of algorithm calculating or it’s my own prob with the distance of recognition or something else? Also I got the code from github, and there I also have some probs with recorded data.


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