The Hidden Future Reality: Room 2 Room

With all the buzz words on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality – we think of goggles, glasses, hololenses and the likes.



Well, imagine complete rooms the where we can project holograms right in front of you and interact and talk without the need of glasses, goggles, visors, screens, hololenses and the likes… Imagine the scene below:


(Thanks for the pic Josh…)

Enter Room 2 Room.

Image from Published paper


It seems our friends over at Microsoft Research (Shoutout to Andrew – Thanks for helping us with our Holodeck simulator during the MVP Conference…) is at it again. “Room2Room uses projected augmented reality to enable co-present interaction between remote participants: (a, d) remote participants are represented as life-size virtual copies projected into the physical space”

This is fancy smancy words that basically mean the Microsoft researchers have taken  Microsoft Kinects and a Projectors and set them up is two different rooms running some custom software. This software basically allows you to talk to a virtual person in the other room through the Kinect and projectors.

Welcome to the new world!!!


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