HoloLens Error DEP6200 : Bootstrapping ‘Device’ failed. Device cannot be found.

I was lucky enough to get my HoloLens device flashed to RS4. I was delighted to see some of the new cool benefits which I’m not going to mention until the release becomes public.

I will mention however that once this was done I was informed that taking on this super early preview release, and they manual way it was done would reset and clear my device. Basically all my applications would be gone, and the device would basically be brand new with this new updated OS Build.

I was ok with this since it was my dev machine and I was itching to get my hands on the latest so I could start experimenting with all the latest changes. My initial impression is it is fast, and very fluent. My second impression is that make sure if you have at least 2 devices you DO NOT flash the second one. Keep one available for the official release when this becomes available, especially if you need to continue development of production ready, commercial applications. Flashing to RS4 is only for experimental purposes right now, until it is officially released. Heed my warning…

Now on to the topic, after the flash, my device was brand new, so I had to rename the device, recalibrate it – configure it, connect to the network and sign in. After all this was done, decided to go ahead and deploy a quick C# DirectX application onto the device using Visual Studio .Net.

As I was trying to deploy I ran into the infamous VS.Net error DEP 6200 Bootstrapping ‘Device’ failed. Device cannot be found…. I tried everything. I follow various advices from stackoverflow and MSDN forums but nothing would work. After reading a little more about what this error means from the links above I started thinking. I luckily had another device (which also was RS4 flashed) and I noticed the behavior of this device compared to the one yielding the issue. The second device was never paired with my laptop and this is when it hit me. This error appears to be that the device connection/device name is cached and you need a refresh.

So… I went ahead and removed and deleted all instances of the old HoloLens device from the device manger and control panel. I did this with the device Plugged In. Once you delete the image from the control panel -> Hardware And Sound -> Devices and Printers:


Then unplug and restart the computer. Then after restarting, plug the device back in, you should see the device behave as if it were never paired or connected. Once you see this you’re good. If you don’t try it again, removing it from Device Manager as well. Basically you need to reconnect the device as if it were never connected before.

Everything started working again and I could successfully deploy from Visual Studio.NET to my HoloLens device (RS4) edition.