Introducing SO-Aware

Some of you know that we’ve been working double time, once as a consultant developing and implementing SOA based solutions, and another as a developer creating a developing a REST based registry called: “SO-Aware“. Well I’d like to introduce you to our newest product here at Tellago Studios, Inc.


What is SO-Aware? Well the answer lies in the story behind how and why we created it.

The answer is simple: we basically got tired of going into clients and hearing the same questions over and over again. These questions were “Which service does so and so? where does it reside? Is it behind the Firewall? Is there security implemented on it? Who built that service when we already have one that does that? How do we version this service because the old version doesn’t support this, and that, but the new one needs to? What other services depend on that one?
What’s OData, and how do we integrate it? Can we govern our REST endpoints? and on and on… I hope you get the picture…

We decided to put our heads down for while, work a double shift if you call it that, and answer those questions with a product you can download today, for free!!! called SO-Aware

I’ll let the product speak for itself, in the meantime, download it, check it out, and use it. Leave feedback so we can make it better.