Custom Binding Elements and Custom Behaviors won’t Show In BizTalk WCF Custom Adapter?


Hey all this is a quick troubleshooting post on how to get your Custom Binding Elements and Custom Behavior Elements showing in BizTalk 2010, and 2013. This post also serves as a reminder for me J

The other day I was confronted with getting some WCF Custom adapters configured. In one scenario, I needed to use a custom wcf binding I created. In another scenario I needed to use a custom wcf behavior. So I went through the normal steps of using C# and Visual Studio .net 2012 to create a custom Binding and custom Behavior. You can read about that here and here

Once I did this I figured all I remembered I needed to do was to register it in the machine.config file and BizTalk should be able to see it… “Hold your horses Tonto” sayeth the lone ranger.

This is true, however as a sanity check, it depends on what you register. For BizTalk to see the custom binding and behavior, you need to register the BindingElement or Behavior Element, not the specific behaviors or bindings. You also need to make sure you register it with both 32bit and64 bit config files. In my opinion the easiest way to register these extensions is using the graphical WCF Configuration tool shown below.

Once the behavior or bindings are registered properly you can see them inside of BizTalk admin console.


This means that you can practically use any properly registered WCF behavior or binding with BizTalkWCF Custom adapters… including the ability to send data to Azure Bridges, Topics, Queues, Azure ACS, and Azure EDI Bridges.