Denver Kinect + Microsoft Band + Unity Hackathon


Last year I went all around Colorado drumming up support for Kinect development by talking at user groups, breakout sessions, and meetings. I’ve spoken in Fort Collins, Fort Carson, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fountain, and many more areas. I’m glad to announce with all the support we’ve received, we are now holding a Kinect hackathon in Denver Colorado, April 24th – 25th 2015.

This event will bring the Kinect for Microsoft engineers down to an all night event, answering any questions you have about the device and how to program with it. The Microsoft Kinect team will also bring, spare Kinect devices, Microsoft Bands, Unity Pro plugins, and the Unreal 4 engine plugin, along with other surprises.

Kinect for Windows MVP’s such as myself will also be there to help, and tell you about things we’re working on, experiences, and possibly even opportunities for you to get architecture and coding help.

This event is for designers, gamers, developers, enthusiasts, students, hobbyists, idealists, medical researchers. If you have an idea you’d like to see built, or a game you want to play that is Kinect enabled this is the place to be.

Register for the upcoming #denver #hackathon today at: Space is limited! #kinect #k4wdev #k4wv2

So click on the link above to register. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the best minds in the NUI, Kinect, Hololens world…