Installing Oracle EBS on Windows 2008 and Windows 7

I’d first like to thank various team members for letting me be “the ORACLE eBS of my company Matrix”

I know this is a little off of my normal subjects, however over the next few weeks I’ll be posting on using Oracle EBS with BizTalk Server 2010, ESB 2.1, Windows Workflow 4.0, AppFabric, Sharepoint 2010, and of course SO-Aware. Recently I have been involved with a number of projects where we at Tellago, and Tellago Studios were required to Integrate numerous systems with Oracle and Oracle EBS release 12. So if you want to follow along for the next few postings, we’ll start with how get a trial version of Oracle EBS, and how to install it. I must warn you though, these next steps take an extreme amount of time for run and download. We’re talking in the nature of 8-24 hours… So get ready for a system being off limits for this amount of time…

I’ll first start with the Hardware and Software requirements.

Hardware Oracle E-Business Suite Image:







Drive Size




Single Processor with 1.4 Ghz







Operating System

Windows Server 2008 (32bit) / Windows 7 (32bit)

Windows Server 2008 sp2 (32bit)



Download Size – Install Size



<Click Here>

22.5mb – 74.1mb

Oracle eBS

GNU Make for Windows

<Click Here>

3.22mb – 6.92mb

Oracle eBS

Cygwin for Win95

<Click Here>

20.2mb – 80mb

Oracle eBS

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

<Click Here>

2.2gb – 1.5gb

Oracle eBS

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

<Click Here> 

Select Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit). part number B54471-05 for release 12.0.4)

Download everything except part numbers: B538250-01, B224453-01, B24454-01, B24455-01, B34431-01

45gb – 200gb

Oracle eBS

Java SDK

<Click Here>

75.89mb – 200mb

Oracle eBS

Microsoft Visual Studio

<Click Here>

2.2gb – 10gb

Visual Studio Development


<Click Here>

12mb – 30mb

Visual Studio Development

WPF Toolkit

<Click Here>

1.72mb – 5mb

Visual Studio Development

BizTalk Adapter Pack

<Click Here>

19mb – 40mb

Visual Studio Development

Oracle Data .Net Provider (ODP.NET)

<Click Here>

276mb – 500mb

Visual Studio Development


Basic Directions are:

1. Install ActiveState Perl

2. Install GNU make for windows

3. Install Cygwin for Win95

4. Install Visual Studio .Net (Making sure to select C++ along with any other language such as C#)

5. After installing everything, create a local directory and copy the GNU Make files, renaming make.exe to gnumake.exe

6. Copy all the Cygwin files and executables into the same local directory.

7. Copy all the C++ bin files and subfolders into this same local directory overwriting anything that may be there from the first two copies.

8. Open up you host file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host) and add an entry into the host file that points to your computer name with a fully qualified 2 part domain such as:      MyOracleServer

9. Modify the Path environment variable and set it to local directory you created for copying all the C++, Unix, and GNU make files to.

10. Extract all the oracle downloaded files into their own folder structure, and then create a folder named: StageR12, add five subfolders named: startCD, oraApps, oraDB, oraAs, oraAppDB.

11.  Next you’re going to have to move the extracted files and folder from the Oracle downloads and create a folder structure that looks like this:


12. Start the Oracle Installer (StargeR12 –> StartCD –> Disk1 –> RapidWiz –> RapidWiz.bat  (Make sure you run this as an Administrator)

13. This will load up a Java Application to start the Oracle EBS Install.

14. Select Express Install, then set the directories for Visual Studio and Unix to your local directory. Also set your domain and select the Vision Database.

This will install over 190GB of data with the Visiion Sample Database that contains all the Oracle Applications: HR, General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable… etc.


15. Click Next, and correct any validation errors that may occur.

16. Click Next and then goto sleep and wake up the next day. You will seriously need to wait about 8-12 hours for the install to complete. Once completed you will have Oracle 11g database, Oracle  Apache server, Oracle Compnents for Java (OC4J), Oracle Fusion (Middleware logic), and of course the Oracle EBS web portal and Vision Sample database.

17. You can access your Oracle EBS portal by navigating a Java compatible browser to : :8000">http://<serverName.domanin>:8000

18. If you run on IE8, then you’ll need to turn off XSS filtering (Tools->Internet Security->Custom Level –>Enable XSS filter (Disable check)



19. To start using Oracle eBS, sigin in with the default credentials: UserName: SYSADMIN  Password: sysadmin


“Become the Oracle eBS in your company Matrix…”


12 thoughts on “Installing Oracle EBS on Windows 2008 and Windows 7

  1. Hi Goins,

    I am planning to install R12 on Win7(32 Bit) but I already have a Oracle11gR2 installation on my computer with a few other installations of Oracle.

    Will this cause a problem during the installation?

    If Yes, then what should be taken care of, to avoid any such problems.



    1. Hi Rachit, To install Oracle EBS on an existing Oracle11gR2 db, you can’t use the RapidWiz Install. Technically it shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll have to install it using the manual approach and read the instructions and articles using the metalinks Oracle provides.


  2. Hi dngoins – with steps…


    Why does make.exe have to be renamed to gnumake.exe? When re-named do I have to run it?

    Copy everything into local directory – does this mean create a folder…e.g – C:/MyDirectory and paste all in?

    Were are all the C++ files you talk about copying coming from?

    Many Thanks


  3. Thanks for putting this together !

    The version of ActivePERL that your reference is not on the site, which version should I download ? I am using Windows 7 for 32 bit



  4. Hi dngoins,

    Very informative blog. Thanks for sharing the information.

    Would you know if, or how, documents stored within Oracle EBS can be accessed from within SharePoint?




  5. why does it take so long to install oracle ebusiness on your system it only took like less then 2 hours to install on mine am i doing something wrong i followed the directions


  6. Is Oracle E-Business Suite (12.2.4), Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) is supported in windows-7 64 bit OS


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